Bhitarkanika national park

Bhitarkanika national park is famous and most beautiful wildlife with a great ecosystem park in Asia. It is situated in the state of Odisha (Orissa) of India. In the district Kendrapara of Odisha (Orissa) Bhitarkanika located. It is a special place due to more than one advantages are available here.

Bhitarkanika national park is a nature gift filled with mangroves, saltwater, green place, crocodiles, and perfect ecosystem. Everyone can enjoy this natural gift and here is mangroves available known as “bhitarkanika mangroves“.

This subtropical place is a beauty of the state and India. It is surrounded by “Bhitrakanika wildlife” like saltwater crocodiles, Indian python, cobra, black ibis, etc.

Bhitarkanika national park complete information

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Complete information about Bhitarkanika national park


Bhitarakanika is being taken its place of the state Odisha, India and in the district Kendrapara. This area is near the Bay of Bengal. The area of a total of this place is around 145 km sq. and wildlife area is around 672 km sq. It was declared a national park in the year 1998.

The place is a part of the north-east region of India. With rivers Brahmani and Baitarani, it is placed. You can say the location of “Bhitarakanika” is in the rivers surrounded and sea surrounded.

With nature’s ecosystem, everyone can enjoy the beauty of this place. With the delta of rivers, it is there to increase the natural beauty and makes tourists happy. It is the second-largest area taken and making its rank as second as a national park.

Also, the nearest city to this place is Kendrapara, Pattamundai, Rajkanika, and Chandbali. The city Chandbali comes in the district Bhdrak Odisha. From these cities, this place is nearer and from these cities, you can get an easy ride to enter the park.

About this place

From its name, you are getting the idea that the details about this place. It is declared as a national park so you can say it a tour place. Anyone can enjoy the beauty of this place.

Here there are around 215 species of birds, including birds from Europe and central-Asia is here. Crocodiles, mangroves, giant saltwater crocodiles, other animals, are here.

Only here you can enjoy giant crocodiles like long 23 feet. With this king cobra, water monitor, other reptiles are here. Also, you can find kingfisher here.

Enjoy here a boat ride. This ride took place from Dangmal to Khola or vice versa. Khola is an entry gate to this national park. By this boat ride, tourists can enjoy crocodiles, deer. mangroves, and other species.

If you are planning a tour to “Bhitarkanika national park” then surely take a boat ride to enjoy its beauty with a different angle.

From old theories, it was hunting place of the king “Kanika”. “Kanika” is place and city of “Kendrapara”. At the time of the tour to here, you can watch the hunting towers and holes, still there. It can be seen at any place of “Bhitarkanika“.

So make a good plan to here and enjoy the mother nature beauty.

How to reach

To enjoy all these above discussed nature gifts you need to reach there. Here you can reach the train and then by road. The nearest railway station is Bhdrak and Cuttack (Kataka).

If you are coming from outside of the state and by air, then you need to reach Bhubaneswar airport. Bhubaneswar airport is the nearest and the only airport from ” Bhitarkanika “.

Then you can take a taxi or car to reach or from Bhubaneswar airport to Cuttack by train. Take Bu or private taxi till Kendrapara or till Chandbali.

Chandbali is the city of Bhdrak Odisha. From Bhdrak railway station you can also take a taxi to reach.

You can take public transport like a bus. Take a bus from Cuttack to Chandbali (Bhdrak) Odisha or to Rajkanika (Kendrapara) Odisha. After reaching this place from there take a taxi.

There is two entry point of this park, one is “Khola” and other is “Gupti”. You have to go through forest check before entry.

Things to enjoy here

Things those a tourist can enjoy here, in the above. The most unique and beautiful part to enjoy here is the mangroves with crocodiles.

“Bhitarkanika mangroves” is a unique thing here. These mangroves can see at tropical and subtropical ecosystem areas. There are mainly get their place in salt-tolerant areas.

As Bhitarkanika is a saltwater area, for that these mangroves are easily getting their ecosystem to grow.

As discussed above here you can enjoy saltwater crocodiles, birds, cobras, deer, etc. The best part is that boating. By boating enjoy all these natural gifts.

Best time to visit

As you know winter is a famous and most suitable time to take a tour and travel. Here also you can do the same, but sometimes it may be closed for tourists, picnic. You need to get contact them. Here is the official website.

bhitarkanika national park contact

From here you can get the contact details from its contact page. Below is the screenshot of its official web site’s contact page info.

If you have a plan for boating, then come fast. As the best time for boating is early morning and later in the afternoon time. So for boating plan do a before plan and also contact the authority for boat booking and other details.

Online booking

As everywhere online booking is spreading over, here also you can do an online booking. For online booking, you need to go to this website one and this website two.

In the website one, you can see a contact form like below image. Fill it and you will get a reply from an official member. Put all query those you need. Website two also has this part.

With a suggestion, you should choose both these two websites for a query. If some error there then there may not be an error on two websites, so you need to choose both these two websites.

mangroves wildlife


Entry fee
IndianRs.20 / person
Indian – for a groupRs.10 /person
StudentsRs.10 / person
Students – for a groupRs.5 / person
ResearchersRs.20 / person
ForeignersRs.1000 / person
Foreigners – for a groupRs.200 / person
Researchers – ForeignersRs.20 / person
Vehicle parking
Motor cycleRs.25 / day
Four wheelerRs.100 /day
Camera fee
Indian – photoRs.25 / day
Indian – videoRs.500 / day
Foreigners – photoRs.50 / day
Foreigners – videoRs.1000 / day
Boating charges
House boat – capacity 20Rs.1000 + Fuel / hour
Capacity 40Rs.1500 + Fuel / hour


From the above post, you have now cleared all your doubt about “Bhitarkanika national park“. Visit once here and enjoy natural beauty with mangroves. These Bhitarkanika mangroves have a unique fan base you can as it is a rare one to enjoy on this place.

So, do the best plan and if any doubt comments us, mail us and you can visit the two websites provided in online booking part of this post. Hope this one helped you a lot.

If you want to know any other tourist place of the state Odisha then mails us or simply leave a comment below with your mail.

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