Bhubaneswar airport

Bhubaneswar airport is also known as “Biju Patnaik international airport”. It is situated in the state of Odisha and as the name of the airport, it is in the capital of Odisha that is Bhubaneswar.

Before the name of this airport was only in the list of domestic airport lists and in recent it has been announced as an international airport.

The name of this airport has been according to Biju Patnaik and finally, the name is been set to “Biju Patnaik International airport or Bhubaneswar airport“.

Here the reader now reading this is going to know all about this airport like the location, how to reach here, nearer railway station, nearer hotel, and many more that can make a newcomer for easy travel.

Just you need to keep focus with all the points about those you are going to know from below and keep reading. For your easy navigation, there are subheadings.

Bhubaneswar / Biju Patnaik international airport

The airport code to book flights

As every airport has a unique code to book your flights online and offline. So it has that one.

For online bookings for flights to here or from here the code is “BBI“. This is the code to put it or use it for your bookings and enjoy your trip for Bhubaneswar.

Keep in mind that the code “BBI” is used for online bookings and offline bookings in both the case. It is the only code that using as the code for this airport. There is no other code.

It’s location

The airport is situated in the south-west direction of the city. It was opened in the year 1962. It is around 4-5 km from the railway station. From the city main bus stand, it is around 7-8 km.

Anyone coming here or is to visit here can easily get a mode of transport for a long distance for rail and by road.


As you read before there is more than one transportation to this and from this. If you need to reach the railway station from the airport, you can take a taxi, auto, and other online taxi services easily.

For a road journey to get a bus you can get a city bus from the airport. The bus provides by the state government with low fare. It is easy to get and at the outside of the port, you can get this bus service easily.

Near railway station

Yes, there is a near railway station from the airport. That is the main railway station or it is also said as a master canteen ( locally known ). There is another small passenger railway station where passenger trains stop.

bhubaneswar rail station

The passengers’ stations name is Vani Vihar, patia, and Mancheswar station. If you have to visit through train after getting down from your flight then you have to take the main railway station.

Simply ask the bus, taxi, auto, or other taxi services to reach the railway station. Then choose your next destination by the train.

To Puri

If you are here at Bhubaneswar for Puri travel. Then you have to choose a train or bus or a personal taxi to reach there.

As you read before about the train stations and f you need so then just follow the tips provided.

As Puri is the most famous place of Odisha due to lord Jagannath, so every year there are gathering tourists from other places in India and also from outside India.

If anyone chooses air travel to reach Puri then it sure needs a train or bus for there.

Bus station

yes, there is a bus station for your road journey if it needs after your plane landing. You can take city bus form the airport. These buses are operated by the state government.

bhubaneswar bus station

You can easily get a bus outside the airport. Choose your near destination or ask the bus conductor for a next step journey.

If you have to take a long journey from the airport then simply visit “Baramunda bus station” from the airport. From there you can choose your next long journey. From here also you can get buses for every place you have to go in between the state.

Hotel booking

Yes, you can take a good furnish hotel if it is needed for you. Normal hotels and star rating hotels both you can book.

Book your hotels online. For online booking, you can choose your own choice or click here for a booking.

For any further inquiry, your travel to the hotel, and others just clarify those form your booked hotel.

Book with your budget and with a good rating hotel. Also, here you can choose a lodge for a short booking or a day only.

All these options are there for the passengers. Just choose your need. Any doubt you can contact here for more information.

Services offering by the airport

  • Flight status
  • Transport
  • Car rental
  • Hotels
  • Parking
  • For more service information visit here.

Here you can take an international flight but form you cannot take these flights for every airport in the world directly.

There are some limited direct travels for another country airport. At the time of booking either online or offline, you can inquiry about more for this service.

But there are no direct flights for your destination then there is a connecting flight for you. From here to where your flight is connected and at which time it will depart from here and from which time the flight will depart from your connected airport, that information you can get at the time of your flight booking.

Simply clear all your doubt for not any further issue.


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