Bhubaneswar smart city

Here before you read about Kalia yojana in Odisha and here you are going to know some information which is you need to know if you are a traveler. Here you are going to know about Bhubaneswar the smart city. As you know it is the first smart city in India. In the list of 100, it got that rank one as a smart city.

Bhubaneswar smart city, here you are going to know about the place, some famous area, how to reach here and if you are a traveler then it will help you in exploring the city.

So let us know deeply about Bhubaneswar the smart city

What is a smart city?

A smart city is a developing urban area where different types of sensors are used to collect the information. This information will help to manage the area efficiently. By this management of traffic, electric, transportations, water supply, waste management, information systems, education, and others can be monitor easily.

Here ICT is used to enhance the area. It helps to reduce the cost and increases the contact with the government.

As Bhubaneswar is the first smart city so here let us discuss this area.

About this place

It is the capital of the state Odisha of India. It is the largest and the main economic zone of eastern India. You can say it is also the main economic zone of Odisha.

There is a unique name for that this place is famous for. It is called as the temple city or the Ekamra Khetra. It has a range of heritage filled.

Now the modern Bhubaneswar was established in the year 1948. As you read about that the place is also known as the temple city so here mostly you can see Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain.

Here you can find many temples to visit. Every year there are so many tourists and visitors are visiting here.

The most famous place as with the name Bhubaneswar Puri and Konark are the two famous name along with this place.

Also, you may hear about Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves, there two are also the best tourist and picnic spot of this place.

Now, this is the capital of Odisha state. But before it is placed with Cuttack in the year 1949.

There are so many ancient updates about this place. Here we are providing some of that. If you have to know more, visit here and here to keep update yourself.

Reaching this place

You can reach this place by air, road, and train. Just choose your own choice. After reaching this place, you can find autos and other taxis for visiting and exploring the place.

Conclusion about Bhubaneswar the smart city

The reader now reading this, has been got the basic and required knowledge about this place. If you have any more question then just do comment below. You can contact us by our contact page. For more stuff like visiting our site regularly and if possible do this post a share.

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