Bhubaneswar to puri

Bhubaneswar to Puri is a daily rush route. In these two places, there are a lot of people who travels every day.

Here you are going to know the possible ways you can travel. About bus, train, taxi, and other ways hoe you can make your travel easier.

The distance between these two places is around 75 km. It may vary by choosing the road in which your travel will take place.

After reading this post your journey from “Bhubaneswar to Puri” will be easier. Just need to follow the below post.

Travel from Bhubaneswar to puri

Possible ways of travel

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Taxi
  • Own vehicle


You can travel between these two places by bus. There are two types of bus service you can get.

  • Mo bus ( city bus or government buses )
  • Private buses

Mo bus

This is the bus service provides by the state government. You can get this bus easily at every stop.

These are two types. Ac and without Ac. Choose with your choice. Price is also fitted your budget. No need to worry about the price.

Ac buses are in blue and without Ac, buses are in light green and white colour. Get these government city buses easily and start your journey.

Private buses

Numbers of these buses is more than city buses. In every 5 or 10 minutes, you will see these buses.

They are not in a specific colour. These buses have placed a board about their travel route at the front of the bus.

Many times you can see they will ask you if you need to a Puri bus. If you are there at the bus stop they will ask you for the journey.

Price is also in your budget and choose from these two types of bus and start your journey.

Here there are less Ac buses and many without Ac is more. if you need only Ac one then go wait and see the option which you are getting at first choose that one immediately.

bbsr bus


By Bhubaneswar railway station or by Khurda road station you can choose train to travel in these two places.

By train, it is time-consuming as you have to get the train at its time. If at that time there is no train then you have to wait for the next one.

Here you can save your money. As the tickets are cheaper than the buses. So if there is no issue about your time then go for this option and start your travel.

You can book your train tickets online or book it at the station itself. There are both online and offline options.

For online ticket visit IRCTC website to book your train ticket.

bbsr train


Taxi is also there with other mentioned options. But it is costlier than the above two travel option.

You can book online taxi services. They will charge you as per their plan.

If you are booking this online vehicle service then check your fare before confirmation of your booking.

If this one is in your budget then you can go for this option.

You can also book the offline taxi at Bhubaneswar. Book the service with your knowledge or you can take the help of local.

bbsr taxi

Own vehicle

If you owned a vehicle then you can freely to go by this. But you need to follow the right way to reach Puri.

On that case follow Google map. It will make your road map easier.


The above-discussed post is all about your travel journey from “Bhubaneswar to Puri“. Hope it is all said here and it will make your journey easy.

If anything wrongly placed and need to add something, then let us know by mail or leave a comment below.

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