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Bhulekh Odisha is the place owned by the government to help to find the real plot owner.

If you do not know how to download your khatiyan and land records details, here is the right place to know all about that.

To know step by step guide for Odisha bhulekh, here you are going to know the details about it. Just follow our step by step guide.

What is the use of this?

You may think that as there was an old system that everyone who needs the data can get it from the government office. why does this Bhulekh need?

Yes, it is obvious this question can raise in your mind. As now these days all the information is online and getting convert into digitalization. Why does not in this case? For that reason, it is now online.

Let us assume you are going to buy new land or the name of your land is X and you are going to convert it to name Y. Here first taking the case going to buy new land.

These days you can see in NEWS and also written media that many cases fraud cases in this land buying case. The owner of the land is someone and that land has been bought by someone and still, a fraud one is approaching you to buy it from him showing the wrong name.

Here, in this case, you can check online the right owner name without wasting your time. Just by some clicks with your finger touch. After that, you can get assurance and go for the buying process.

Now take another case if the owner is X and it is going for a name change to Y. You have already submitted all the documents for the name change.

If you have a storage of time here with this Bhulekh you can check it easily. With your mobile and pc or laptop, you can check the name change online. This one a great benefit of this portal.

To download Khatiyan, Plot details, tenant for “bhulekh orissa” follow the steps that we are going to show you below.

Bhulekh odisha / Orissa Check land records online

Note: For best result try to do these steps in a Pc or Laptop. With your mobile it may slight difficult to do all the things.

Step 1

Open the browser, it may be Chrome, Firefox or Latest version of Internet Explorer. Try to do this on a Pc or laptop.

Step 2

Then keep in mind the device need to be connected to the internet. As the data is on the server and through a browser we need to download this.

Step 3

At the top or search section of the browser that you are working with type bhulekh orissa. You can type with your choice.

Step 4

After typing, then click on the first result written in capital letter BHULEKH || ODISHA.

land data for odisha

Step 5

Without any search, you can visit the website directly.

This is the link – http://bhulekh.ori.nic.in/RoRView.aspx

The dashboard of the website is like below.

land data of odisha

In the above image, you can see the detail data by the government. Total no of districts, tahasil, RI circles, etc.

Step 6

According to your district choose from the drop-down. Where there is a written District.

bhulekh orissa

Step 7

Choosing the district name of your then choose your Tahasil and Village name from that drop-down.

bhulekh data

Step 8

After choosing that you can see the new option for Select Khatiyan. Choose your Khatiyan, no and at the above of that option choose your requirement for Khatiyan or Plot or Tenant.

Click on the page you need RoR Frontpage is the front page of your record and the back page is the RoR Back Page.

land portal orissa

After this, you can see the record for your given data. If you want to print you can it and use as your requirement.

Get the map of a place of lands in Odisha or Orissa by Bhulekh

For map view just visit this link or direct visit from the official site and click on the map view.

land orissa map
land odisha map 2

The direct visit from the official website demo image is below.

map for land orissa

Afte choose your district name, tahasil name, village name, RI, and sheet number.

After choosing all these maps will be shown.

Here you can check all of the map views for Odisha or Orissa.

Here for map view at its home page first you need to enter your district name. There a new page will open and there you need to enter other data of your village and tahsil.

From the above images, you can get the idea of map view Bhulekh Orissa.

If you have any doubt regarding map view or any other information just do comment or mail us.

Total data till date

Here in this web portal by the government of Bhulekh or land records will provide the total data that already been there.

From its official website it shows total no. of Khatiyans are 15978100, total no. of plots are 56092763, no. of tenants are 34173769 with all the 30 districts of Odisha, total no of tahasils, no. of RI, and the total no of villages data that are here. below is the image of it.

orissa land data
Bhulekh Odisha tutorial

How it is beneficial?

  • This portal only has many advantages and you can say there are no disadvantages.
  • you can simply check your name is there or not at the owner section.
  • At the time of buying new land check the current owner name with your finger touch.
  • No need to visit again and again to the government office to check the data.
  • After a name change, you can check it at your home with your mobile and pc.
  • Safe from you if someone is trying you to make fraud.
  • Saves your time from visiting Tahasil and RI office to get some simple data.
  • If you are not getting your old original record just check it online and if need downloads it.
  • Money-saving as no need to visit any computer shop and cyber cafe.
  • Easy to use and anyone can use it with sound knowledge of computer.
  • Here the data need to input to get the land record is on Odia or Oriya language.
  • The land record data or the Khatiyan is in Oriya regional language.
  • The best part is it is online and at any time and any place with an internet connection you can get the needed data.

Services that you can get from here

  • Khatiyan of your land or plot with the owner name.
  • Get it with back and front page.
  • You can download it.
  • And, can just view it online.
  • Easy checking.
  • With a name, Khatiyan number, plot, and tenant number check your land record.
  • Check with district wise, tahasil wise, village wise, and RI wise.
  • Get all the RI circle at one place.
  • Check map view, RoR view, and tahasil info at one place.
  • If need contacts them.


Hope the above data and step by step guide is the right way to help the reader now reading this to get bhulekh Orissa and land records. Any doubt do a comment.

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