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bhunaksha odisha
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Bhunaksha Odisha is a web portal to check the map view of a particular plot. If you need to check the details about a plot number or you need to know the registered owner of a particular plot then Odisha bhunaksha is the right place. You can check all kind of details of a plot and that is from the government.

Here you are going to know the procedure of this. How to check “bhunaksha odisha“? How you can get the map view of “bhu naksha” map? All these kind of questions and the answers to these questions you are going to know with detail guide. You need to follow the steps that you are going to read below.

What is this?

This Odisha bhunaksha portal is a web portal by the government. All the information that is available by the state government of Odisha. The main service of this portal is to provide the right data to people. All these information are available for transparency provides by the government.

As here you can check the data for a map view of Odisha. Also, there is another web portal for land and ROR details provides by the state government. This is known as “Bhulekh Orissa“. To know more about this you can visit the links provided in between the quotation.

Use of this bhunaksha

There is my question raise in your mind that how to use this? Let you know that as in every place digitalization is taking place. So here also. Before you need to visit again and again to a government office to get some data. It was time-consuming and money wasting.

Here you can get all those land-related data through this map portal. No need to visit any single government office or any other office to get these data. Simply you need to follow the steps that you are going to read below.

For a particular area, you can get the owner and the detailed map of that area by this web portal. Which is a private plot and which is the government plot, you can easily get those data by this portal.

Odisha bhunaksha land map guide step by step

Step 1

Search bhunaksha Odisha by your browser with Google search. You will see several results. You need o click on the result mentioning with a title Odisha and with a link Simply click on that.

Here, you can directly visit this web portal to get that link. As shown in the below image you will see the results.

The right link which you have to visit is highlighted in the below image.

bhunaksha odisha image

Step 2

After clicking on that link you will see a new web page like below image and here you need to choose your district. Here you have to put the district of which you have to check the map.

odisha bhu naksha image

Step 3

Choose that district of which you have to check the map detail and click on submit button. Here you will again see a new web page. Here in the below image, the demo of that page is shown.

odisha land map

Step 4

You can notice there is a list at the left top. Here you need to input more detail data of the map needing a place. As in step 2 you choose the district, here in step 4 you need to put other data as asking here like RI, Village, etc.

You can see the map shows in the middle of the web page. You can zoom the map as there is a + and – there. Click on that to zoom in and out.

odisha land map image

Step 5

Here finally you can see the detailed map of the data that you have chosen and you can see plots with numbers are available here.

land map image odisha

Step 6

Those plots of which you need to check ROR and owner with other data simply click on that plot number. You can see some data on the right side of the page and there is no option for the detail data to show.

In the below image here is the demo of this step.

land ror map orissa

Step 7

Click on that link shows ROR front or ROR back page. By this link, you can check the real owner that stores with the government database with “Khatiyan”.

ror back front orissa

Step 8

After step 7 you can check the detail data with this web portal. Check back and front side data. You can print this page and keep yourself for future use.

Here is a demo image below.

land map ror orissa

Follow all these eight steps to check the map of a place for the state Odisha. If you know the plot number then you can check it directly through “Bhulekh Orissa”.

Benefits from this online map portal

  • When you move to a new place you can check the detail os that land easily without any issue.
  • No need to visit the government office and wasting your time with money.
  • You can save yourself from a fraud person.
  • No need to visit RI office and Tahasil offices.
  • If someone is showing you fake documents of a plot you can check it and save yourself.
  • You can download a soft copy and hard copy if you need it easily.
  • If a plot name has been changed or its owner name moved, it can be check easily.
  • You can check all data with a computer and with some simple clicks.
  • It is available with Odia language, so anyone can check it easily from Odisha.
  • You can print ROR of a plot easily.
  • With an internet connection, all these work can be done easily.
  • Easily all these data can be check.
  • By knowing only the plot number you can check the real owner.

All these above-mentioned advantages you are getting from this “bhu naksha Odisha map portal”. The only disadvantage of this web portal is without a mobile or pc and without an internet connection, all these work cannot take place.

Conclusion about “bhu naksha Odisha”

From the above post, you are now got some idea about this. On or prediction you are now got the full idea about this. If any doubt you have let us know by leaving a comment below and we will try 100% to solve those. Here there is a 100 and 1% of trying to update our reader with best and real knowledge.

If there is anything need to be corrected, you can mail us by our contact page or leave a comment below. There are other blogs on our list. You can visit those and read and share those.

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