CESU online electricity bill payment

CESU bill payment or CESU online bill payment is a web portal to pay your electricity bills online. No need to travel to any office to pay the bill.

Here is a small help from us to pay your electricity bills with some finger touch. An easy guide is below for you. Need to follow all the steps discussed below.

What is this online bill payment?

Day by day all the works are getting easier due to its digitalization. Now, these you can easily recharge your number seating at home. You can easily pay your bills at your finger touch.

You can pay an electric bill with your mobile for the state Odisha. Here you are going to know the step by step guide to pay “CESU online electricity bill payment” for Odisha state.

As the electricity board, CESU has been implemented online bill payment system for Odisha and make your work much easier.

About CESU

CESU the central electricity supply utility of Odisha is the CESCO’s utility that has been changed the name to CESU. Here it is always working and taking new steps to make easier work for its consumer. The headquarter of it is situated at the capital of Bhubaneswar.

Pay CESU online electricity bill payment of Odisha state

You will know two ways to do the same work. One is by the official website and the other one is through Paytm website and its App.

Know about the first one is the official website

Step one

Search the official website on google by typing just CESU. You can see there is the top one result named cescoorissa.com with other lists of sections. Below is the demo image.

cesu-bill payment-online

Step two

You can directly visit that official website and do not follow step one. Here is the direct link of that website. www.cescoorissa.com click on this link and directly landed on the official website. Below is the image of the home page of this site.

cesu online bill payment

Step three

As you have to pay electricity bill online so you can see there is an option at the right side of its home page mentioning that pay bill online. Click on that options and you will see a new page like below image.

You can directly visit that link from here.

image 3

Step four

After applying step three, on the home page you can see the option for the consumer portal and besides that, there are two links. From those two links click on the first one and, if the link one is not working then click on the second link.


Step five

After clicking on that link there is a new page with lots of options. At the right side of the page, you can see there is my account option. Here at this my account option you can see it is asking your division, type, and your account no.

Here division is the district if yours. Type is SBM as you are going to pay your home bill. Also, there is a NON-SBM option and it is for commercial use.

The account no here asking for is the CUST ID mention on your CESU electric bill. The CUST NO is the 12 digit no and it has a letter between the number. Below image is the CUST IS example.

image 5

Fill all the details like your division, type, and account. At last input the captcha and click on the submit button.

Step 6

After filling all the data and clicking on the submit button, the next page you will see all the details like a name with whom that account is linked, area and other data of your bill.

At the left side, you can see options to pay your bill online. Click on payment option to pay your bill. Here also you can see the history of your bill.

Above all this is the guide to CESU online electricity bill payment. Follow all these steps to pay your bill online easily.

Here is the second one to pay CESU electricity bill online through Paytm

Through Paytm is much easier. You can pay your bill both through its app and its website. Like mobile or DTH recharge with this platform, you can easily pay your electricity bill.

Here simply note your CUST ID and open Paytm app or website that is www.paytm.com. choose the electric bill payment option.

Choose state Odisha. It will be asked to choose some providers. Choose your provider. Here enter your ID.

The amount will show and pay the bill with your preferred choice. With a debit card, credit card, online banking, and UPI pay the bill.

You may find the second one is much easier and time-consuming also. Here sometimes you can get cashback.

Benefits of this online bill payment system or web portal          

  • Easy bill payment system.
  • No need to waste your time.
  • Some internet knowledge, anyone can pay the bills.
  • With your mobile bill can be paid.
  • With the internet connection, all this work will be done easily.
  • Instant payment.
  • Not to worry about travelling any government office.
  • You can save you to lose money.
  • No paperwork is there.
  • You can save your bill on your mail.
  • Save your bill on your mobile.
  • Both official and app-based payment.
  • Through the app, it is easier than the official website.
  • You can pay both domestic and commercial payment can be done.
  • For official and job holders it is an easy way to bill payment and time with money-saving.
  • No need to keep some free time for the bill payment.

Disadvantages of this payment system or web portal

  • Without some basic computer and mobile operating knowledge, this work cannot be done.
  • Without an internet connection, the process cannot be done.
  • need some English and technical understanding of stuff.


From these two above mentioned method, you can easily pay your “CESU online electricity bill payment” for the state Odisha.

From our side it is best to choose the second method but if in this method the right amount is not showing then choose the first one that is the official one. If you have any doubt leave a comment below.

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