Chandipur beach

Chandipur beach of Odisha state where you can see the sudden disappears of the seawater in front of your eyes and again after some time, you can see its original position.

Hereafter reading this post, your travel journey to here will be much easier. The details about this place, in which area it comes in the state, ways you can reach here, and all enjoyable things here.

In a word, this post is a travel guide for “Chandipur beach Odisha“. Read from top to bottom and make your next tour here an easy tour.

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Chandipur beach Odisha

Basic overview Chandipur beach

  • Location
  • About the place
  • How to reach here
  • Things to enjoy here
  • Best time to visit here
  • Tide timings
  • Hotels


This place is in the state Odisha India, in the district Balasore.

From the city chandipur you need to reach the beach. The place is at the shore of Bay of Bengal.

About the place

This beach is situated at the Balasore district of Odisha. At the shore of the sea Bay of Bengal, it is located.

Due to ebb and tide, this sea gets disappear and returns to its original stage. This makes the sea unique.

When you will eye-witnessed about this nature’s thing you will get surprised yourself. Up to 5 km, this happens during ebb and tide duration.

Abdul Kalam Island is also situated here at the south of chandipur. It is there in the Bay of Bengal.

This island makes this place more famous and also it is not only pride of Balasore but also Odisha.

From this, there are many missiles have been launched. Some names are Akash, Agni, etc.

How to reach here / From Bhubaneswar

You can travel here by road and by train. There is no direct air travel option here.

For air travel, the only option is the Bhubaneswar airport. You need to reach this airport and then from here, the next journey is by train or by bus or by taxi.

There is no airport nearer to here. The only option is Bhubaneswar.

The distance from Bhubaneswar to here is around 200km. There is NH 16 connecting from Bhubaneswar to here.

By road, you need to choose a private bus. There are direct buses to Balasore. You can get it easily from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

If you have an option to travel through your vehicle and taxi then you can go for this option.

bus to chandipur

By train the nearest railway station is Balasore. If your reaching point is Bhubaneswar then take another one to here.

From there take a taxi to reach the point.

If you are travelling from other location of India then check your train will travel by the Balasore station or not.

If yes then reach here and take a taxi to the point.

by train

Things to enjoy here

Here the best thing to enjoy is the sudden disappears of the sea. It will make a lifetime memory on your mind.

You can walk or ride a bike into the sea after it disappears. It is the lifetime opportunity for every tourist.

You can visit Kalam Island. It is conducted by DRDO of India. Need to be there at the time of rocket launching time to enjoy it.

Another unique one to enjoy here is horseshoe crab. You can get this on the beach.

Seafood makes this place more attractive. There are prawn and pomfret to taste in odia style.

Relax here and enjoy the sunset.

kalam island launcher

Best time to visit here

For a tourist, plan need to be here in the winter. Plan your trip according to the winter touching the place.

Disappear of sea happens twice a day. Need to be here at the right time to watch it.

here winter is from November to February. Plan your next visit in between these calendar month.

Tide timings

Morning and evening, both time you can enjoy the tide. The most unique thing is the sea will disappear into the deep sea and again it will reappear.


The best way is to book hotels online. If you are planning from Bhubaneswar, Book hotel there and from Bhubaneswar reach Chandipur.


From the above post now you are ready to visit “chandipur beach of Odisha” on your next trip.

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