Odisha culture

Odisha culture is a unique and old culture. The state is situated in the eastern coast of India. It is surrounded by West Bengel, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana.

Here is some details culture of Orissa / Odisha culture by ODIAFANZ. Go through this post and you will get all about the state Odisha.

Every place, state, and the area has its food, dance, language, tourist place, and many more. How much you can need to gather that information about the place.

In India there are several states are there. Odisha is one of from them. It has its own culture. All these are different from others and in some case, it slightly may be same.

Odisha ( Orissa ) culture basic overview

  • Name
  • Place
  • Language
  • Food
  • Festival
  • Craft
  • Famous tourist places
  • Music
  • Clothing
  • Much other information

Odisha culture


Now the name of the state is Odisha and also it is known as Orissa. But before the name was not this. There were various names. Kalinga, Utkal, Koshala, etc were the names before in the various king periods.

With various of kings ruling the name was changing. After that the name was Orissa and before some year the government has been changed to Odisha.

Now also the name is famous there in both Orissa and Odisha. But most of the place it is now famous Odisha.


The state is like a connection in between northern and Southern of India. Are is around 155, 707 km2. It is a coastal region state so the coastline is 450 km. The east part of the state is the coastal area.

Sea Bay of Bengal is there at the eastern part of the state. The sea makes a long coastal area of the state.

There are 30 districts of the state. Bhubaneswar is the capital of the state.

In the year 1936 April 1, the state was established. You can say the birth of the modern Odisha is on April 1, 1936.


Odia is the language of the state. Odia is also known as Oriya. Hindi and English can be understood by its people.

If odia people are having a conversation with other parts of India in any other language, its people have the power to manage the other languages.

The name “Odia” derived from the ancient name Odra.

Food – Odisha culture

This is the most unique part of the state. There is a variety of food choice you can get here. In every part of the state, there is a unique dish you will get.

The famous one is “Rasagola”. Recently is has got the GI tag from the government.

You may also hear about the food “Pakhala“. Another name of this food is water rice. From the state Odisha, this one is spreading all over not only in India but also in other parts of the globe.

On every year March 20 is celebrating as “Pakhala DIvasa” all over the world. It is placing a new way and a new taste all over the world.

Another famous food is called “Dahi Bara”. The old capital of the state that is Cuttack is famous for this food. It is like a main breakfast for the people.

You can easily get this food for your breakfast at every part of the state. Along with there are so many varieties of food you can get here.

“Rasabali” it is a unique food. This food you can get from the district “Kendrapara”. The district is famous for this.

Like this, there is much food like “Chenapoda, Khaja, Kakara, Bara, Guguni, Podapitha” etc. All these you can only get from the state and if you are tasting it in another part of India then there is sure a taste change you can observe.


Like other states of India, there are many common festivals celebrates here. Holi, Janmashtami, etc these are celebrating all over India.

The famous festival of the state is “Puri rath yatra“. It is famous worldwide. This is the festival of god Jagannath and here the in Puri it is celebrated with its way.

There is a gathering of 10 lakh of people on this festival every year. This one is now spreading over the other parts of the globe.

There is another festival Durga puja celebrates all over India and also in Odisha. But the way it celebrates here is unique. Cuttack is famous for this festival in Orissa.

Also, Cuttack Durga puja is famous all over India. Here statues are decorated with silver. The ornaments and other decoration made of silver. This is the uniqueness of Cuttack Durga puja.

From all over Orissa and from all over India, people come here to celebrate puja with Cuttack Dahi bara and other foods.


There are various crafts you can see in the state. Some name is sand art, Patta Chitra, Jhoti, Muruja, Chita, Palm leaf painting, and handicraft.

All have their uniqueness from the state. About sand art, all of you may know. On every occasion, you can get the sand art at puri sea beach.

Patta Chitra is like a painting. You can use it by hanging on your wall. There are stories like Lord Ram, Krishna, etc. Based on their stories these Patta Chitra made.

chita of orissa
Chita of Orissa culture

Cuttack is famous for silver work. It is also known as “Tarakasi work”. It is the best example of handicraft for the state. “Pipili Chnadua”, it is also another famous handicraft of Orissa worldwide.

You may know about palm leaf painting. “Jhoti, Muruja, Chita” is another craft that you can find here only.

orissa jhoti
Jhoti from orissa
Patta Chitra orissa
Patta Chitra Orissa (wiki image)

Famous tourist places

Konark sun temple, Puri Jagannath temple, temples in Bhubaneswar, many waterfalls, Dhauli, etc are the best and most famous tourist places of the state. If anyone of these you missed then visits on your next vacation.

Except for these places, there are so many places you have to visit. Do a plan for your next vacation.


There is a separate music industry here. The cinema industry named “Ollywood”. Films are made in Odia or Oriya language and these are enjoyed by the viewers.

Odissi music only belongs to here. It is now world-famous.


Sambalpuri saree, dhoti, kurta, are the traditional clothes of here. Now western clothes are becoming popular.

Gamucha” is other traditional clothes of here. Sambalpuri saree is the world-famous and also Sambalpuri other dresses.

Much other information

Except for above-discussed topics, there are many others about the “culture of Odisha”. Textiles, brass and bell metal are one of them.

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From our best of knowledge and by some references here is all about the culture of Odisha ( Orissa ). There are also so many cannot explain with a summary.

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