Daringbadi Odisha

Daringbadi Odisha or Orissa is also famous Kashmir of Odisha. Its unique climate gives the name.

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  • It’s location
  • It’s temperature
  • Its weather and snowfall
  • how to reach here
  • get a hotel
  • best time to visit here
  • from Bhubaneswar to here
  • other places you should visit here

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All about daringbadi Odisha you should know

It’s location

This place is situated at the district Kandhamal Odisha. It has an alternative name and that is Kashmir of Odisha.

It is a popular tourist place famous for a hill station. This place is 3000 ft above from the sea level.

From Phulbani of Brahmapur district of Odisha, it is nearer. If you have to visit this place and searching for the nearest place then it is Brahmapur district.

From Brahmapur it is around 140 km away. Choose according to your reaching point.

Distance from the capital of Odisha that is Bhubaneswar is around 300km. From Kolkata, the distance is around 670 km. Plan your trip according to your starting point.

hill side kandhamal

It’s temperature

From its unique name, you can guess the temperature of this place. Another name “Daringbadi” is Kashmir of Odisha. The temperature of this place is not equal to Kashmir but this place contains the least temperature all over the Odisha.

For that reason, the name falls. Commonly in the winter in Orissa, the average temperature is in between 7 to 14 degree.

Here it falls to zero and sometimes minus temperature. Like Kashmir here you can feel minus degree. So the name is like Kashmir of Odisha or Orissa.

In December and January, you can feel the minus or zero degrees here.

If you have a plan to come here and will to enjoy minus degree then come in between this month.

It is the time when a cover of winter all over the Odisha is very strong. You can feel winter in Odisha and also this tourist place. Plan accordingly if there is a plan for here.

Its weather and snowfall

From the above-discussed data, there is any a question rising that on minus degree there may be snowfall happens.

Yes, this is the right thing raising on your mind. On saviour cold or minus degree there you can enjoy this thing. But you need to travel here at the right time of that year.

On January month you can enjoy snowfall here. Plan accordingly if want to enjoy snow here.

Always pleasant weather you will get here. It is on the top. So there is many hills and other natural gifts you can fill its beauty.

how to reach here

To reach here there are 3 options.

  • rail or train
  • bus or road
  • By air
  • your transportation

rail or train

The nearest railway station of this place is Brahmapur railway station. If your plan is reaching here by train then choose the reaching point Brahmapur.

If your final destination is Bhubaneswar railway station then here you need to choose either train again to Brahmapur or you can choose by road option.

The private taxi you can choose but it will be costlier. If that is in your budget then you can go for this option.

For your information the station code is BAM. If it needs you to use this code.

bus or road

The nearest bus station is this place itself. You have to take a bus directly to this if your reaching point in Berhampur.

You can also take a bus from Phulbani. From Phulbani it is around 120 km. From Bhubaneswar, the distance is 300 km.

If you have the plan to reach by bus. Then from your starting point do a Google map search.

By air

The only option by air is Bhubaneswar airport. from this take a bus or train. Distance is 300km.

There is no other nearest airport to this place. This one is the only choice.

your transportation

You can take your taxi to reach here. For any guide use Google map or just ask local people for a best and easy travel guide.

get a hotel

It needs to stay there then book a hotel before you travel there. On the spot, it is may harder to book a hotel.

You can get the small lodge to stay but you are here with your family then book a hotel after your plan.

The best one is the book online. Visit here to book online.

best time to visit here

To enjoy the real beauty of this place then need to be here at the right time. From December end to 3rd week of January is the best time to enjoy all the beauty of this place.

Plan your trip according to this. Feel the beauty of nature about this place with your loved one.

from Bhubaneswar to here

From Bhubaneswar, it is around 300 km as you read before. Take a private bus, taxi, or your taxi to reach here.

You can take a train and reach Brahmapur and then from there to the spot. Plan your trip before starting your journey.

other places you should visit here

Here there are many to enjoy gifted by nature. Just need to keep the knowledge about those places.

Below is the list of those place.

  • Sapanala – It is a picnic spot near to this.
  • Lover’s point – This place is filled with natures beauty.
  • Emu bird safari – Enjoy emu bird safari at the way of to this place.
  • Hill view – Enjoy sunset here.
  • Botanical garden – Filled with various trees.
  • Spice garden – Tress filled with black pepper, coffee.
  • Ludu waterfall
  • Kalinga ghat

All these places you have to visit with your trip and make the visit memorable.

emu kandhamal dringbadi


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