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edistrict Odisha is government portal to make your work easier. You can get some of the services like resident certificate, caste certificate, birth certificate, legal heir certificate, and SEBC certificate for the state Odisha. You can get all these services easily through this web portal.

If you have gone back some days it was so time-consuming and money-wasting to get all these services. But now, digitalization is taking over manual workplaces. So here also it has been speeded its hand.

Here you are going to know step by step guide to get easily all these services registrations, resident certificate, caste certificate, birth certificate, legal heir certificate, SEBC certificate, and OBC certificate for the state Odisha from “edistrict orissa” web portal.

From the below-written words, you are going to know the easy access of this web portal. Just follow all these steps those are below.

Services you are getting from edistrict

  • Resident certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Legal heir certificate
  • SEBC certificate
  • Income certificate
  • OBC certificate
  • Guardianship certificate

Basic Information about this service

NameeDistrict Odisha
Owned byGovernment of Odisha
BeneficiariesOdisha state residents
AimTo provide online e-certificates
Official websitehttps://edistrict.odisha.gov.in/

edistrict Odisha your online certificate application

Services those you are getting from this web portal. In the below image there is small detail about the services.

online district

Services details provides by edistrict Odisha

Resident certificate

It is proof of a person where he/she belonging. It is provided by local RI or Tahasil. In which village, town, district, he/she is staying this certificate is the proof of that.

In education, jobs, government work, etc require this proof of certificate. You need to have a proof of landowner from which area you are belonging from.

Caste certificate

As its name, it is the proof of caste of a person. Any case like a job, government sector, offices or in many places, then you can get this certificate from this web portal.

It is mostly required in case of a person belonging from SC or ST category. After this proof of certificate, you can do your work completed.

Legal heir certificate

It is the proof of after the owner of a person or you can say the proof of deceased person next ownership. By this certificate, it is mentioned the relationship between two persons and about the ownership of property.

SEBC certificate

It is a special class measured by the government. To get listed in this category or getting a proof of this category you need to get those data from this web portal.

The full form of this SEBC certificate is Socially and Educationally Backward Classes certificate.

Income certificate

Most of the time in education or some government work it requires an income certificate. How much income your parents or you are making in a year or in a month, you have to show it.

That case, it is mostly required. With easy steps, you can get this from the web portal.

OBC certificate

Other Backward Classes is a category made by the government. As you may be seen in the government job sector. It has other work for a person.

To proof, a person himself, need to make a certificate and validate it by the authority.

Get edistrict Odisha registration form to make all your need work

Step one

You can visit directly its official website from here or you can search “edistrict odisha” on Google and click the above-shown link from searches.

Step two

You are choosing its direct website link then a new page you will see.

Step three

You need to make your registration. Click on required service and click on Don’t have an account? Register HERE.

Step four

After step three you will see a new page. Looks like below image. Fill all asking details.

registration form

Step five

After application, to check application status.

Move back to the home page.

Click on relevant service on which you have to check your application status. It will ask you to log in. Put the mobile number which you used to sign up.

edistrict odisha log in

The reference number you can get after filling and submitting the form to your area RI office.

Step six

For any help, you can contact directly to its office. The details are below image and on the contact page of the website.

edistrict odisha contact

Benefits of this online service

  • Easy online service.
  • One-click form download.
  • Timesaving.
  • Money-saving.
  • A jobholder can easily do this with less time as it is online-based.
  • You can save yourself from frauds.
  • No need to travel again and again for a specific office.
  • All required work can be easy with less time taken.
  • Forms can be download with your mobile.
  • No need to visit the government office for a single from.
  • Online from everyone can be download easily.
  • Resident certificate can be easily got by a student.
  • Students can be done their work with less time.
  • In any case, any certificate can get with some finger touch and with less office visit.
  • Easy certify ROR copy can get.


From the above post, you are now clear about the online web portal of “edistrict Odisha“. You can do form download and filling by your home. Then you need to submit it area RI office.

Here you need to do both online and offline work. As here is some online work, so some of your time can be saved. Save your time and money also. If any further assistant needs to leave a comment below.

Everyone can do this job easily. Just need to do some simple steps. With mobile and with a pc or laptop all the works can be done. 

Any new topic you have or you want to publish your post on our site mail us. Mail detail is there on our contact page.

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