Hrms odisha

Hrms Odisha or Human resource management system is a web portal for the state Odisha or Orissa. It is fully conducted by the state government.

This online system is here for helping government employees for their matters.

This portal is an easy work maker for government employees. They can apply to leave, loan, getting their report, and other requests through the internet.

Here an employee can apply for his/her leave, so it is easier to apply and an employee can communicate through the internet and all the work can be easier by this portal.

This is online software so an employee can get easy reply automatically and he/she gets here a number by that all those needy data be easily trackable.

Here is a small help from us to guide you about “hrms Odisha” and you need to go thoroughly of this post. Here are all those data about login and other details.

Hrms Odisha : 2020

Disclaimer: It is not the official website. It is just a guide and step by step information for easy navigation for others.

Hrms Odisha : Login and registration

Step one

For Odisha people, there is a different and unique website designed by the state government. For direct access of the official website here is the official link.

You can visit the direct link or any doubt if you then follow step two.

Step two

On Google search “hrms Odisha“. There are many search results you will see. But click the link that is shown below image.

hrms one

Then a new page will be open and that is the home page of the official page.

Step three

After following step and two, the first page you will see. The image of that page is below.

odisha two

The above image is the demo image of the home page of the official website. Then for more information follow below steps.

Step four

If you have to log in then at the right top there is a login option for you. If you have a doubt here below is the demo image marking with login point.

human resource management three

Step five

There are two login options. For personal login choose the first option and clock on that. Then a new page will be open like below image.

img four

Step six

Put or id and password. There will be also a captcha put as there in the box. Then click on the login button.

image five

Step seven

If you have to login PAR Custodian login, then click on the second option at the time of login on step four. There is a different login page for this section. The demo is in the below image.

image six

Step eight

For other information, if you need then there is below links after applying step seven. Below is a demo of all other links if need so.

image seven

Benefits by this web portal

  • Easy application through online.
  • Van is track application status without visiting offices.
  • Time-saving.
  • One-click solution.
  • Automatic reply as it is a web-based software.
  • Easy solution for a loan, leave, and salary account.
  • Easy communication with the higher authorities.
  • Transparent communication.


From the above post, you are now clear about “hrms Odisha“. How to log in and other links with its accessing links information. There are also demo images for your better and easy understand.

If any doubt you can leave a comment below and you can mail us. Also, is there is any other information have to share by ODIAFANZ, then let us know.

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