IT companies Bhubaneswar

IT companies Bhubaneswar is increasing. In the coming year, it is going to make a hub of it there.

Like Bangalore in the coming future, Bhubaneswar is going to take another place of IT companies.

We can say the foundation has been started for it and in the coming future it is going for the next target for IT companies and also for the IT jobs aspirants.

There are already some “IT companies in Bhubaneswar” has been taken its place. Some of the names are listed below.

Not only IT but also ITES companies are already set up their location here. The scenario is going to change for better in the coming future. It will take more some time to be done.

IT companies in Bhubaneswar

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  • Companies in Bhubaneswar
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  • Companies at Patia

Top IT companies in Bhubaneswar

  1. Infosys Technologies
  2. Afixi Technologies
  3. AABSys IT
  4. CB online
  5. Trends on technology
  6. Tatwa technology
  7. Interface Software Services
  8. SGK services
  9. 3S info solutions
  10.  Aakar infradesign
  11.  SPARC
  12.  Auro infotech solutions
  13.  Cybertech Software And Multimedia
  14.  Bharat Software technology
  15.  Riaxe systems pvt ltd
  16.  Suyog Computech
  17.  Hawkwave technologies
  18.  Mass infotech
  19.  Flyingedge technologies
  20.  Enosis technologies
  21.  Ajatus softwares
  22.  Wayindia softwares
  23.  TCS
  24.  Tech mahindra
  25.  CSM technologies
  26.  Techno Tips
  27.  Enosis
  28. UBN software
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There are some companies list those are there in Bhubaneswar. There are collected list on the internet. May some are missing or some wrong name is added.

May some companies has been shutdown. Before any action does proper research about the particular company.

If there are some new companies are there, in future we will add them. Also if they’re some of the names has been closed we will remove it.


Above are some list of “IT companies in Bhubaneswar” or you can say smart city Bhubaneswar. In the future, we will add more names as we came to know.

 Any suggestion if you want to add just mail us or leave a comment below.

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