Khandagiri caves odisha

Khandagiri caves odisha is a spot in Odisha for tourists, make a good picnic in winter and you can make a visit tour also. You may know that the other name of Bhubaneswar is the temple city.

At this place, Khandagiri caves are there. These caves are famous not only all over Odisha and Bhubaneswar but also it attracts world tourists.

You may hear about these caves before and the name is the kataka caves or Cuttack caves. Here you are going to know about these caves if you are planning to visit this place.

Khandagiri Caves Odisha

Where are these Khandagiri caves?

These caves are situated in the temple city of Odisha that is Bhubaneswar or you can say it is at the capital of Odisha state. The place comes in the district of Khurda Odisha.

How to reach this place?

This place is situated at the capital of Odisha that is Bhubaneswar, you need to reach by road by air at Bhubaneswar. If you are coming here by road then need to reach Bhubaneswar and then by taxi or auto you can reach this place.

If you are coming by air then need to choose a taxi and by that, you can ask that taxi to reach Khanadgiri caves.

Some history about this place

This place was build at the time of 2nd century BCE. In this place, Jaina monks were using this by their residential place. At the time of king Kharavela, this place was built as from sources.

This place was built by partially natural and partially artificial. This place is a mix of historical and religious.

This place is mixed with two hills that is Khandagiri caves and Udayagiri. Later you will get about Udayagiri on our site at other categories.

Here are many caves and temples. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and some manmade things. It can be the best picnic and for visiting proposes for your next tour.

If you are ready to go and explore the place deeply then you can find forests full of trees. Here is also a temple where you can pray.

You have to climb up with stairs and with the help of hill stones. keep visit here and enjoy your holidays.

Entry fee khandagiri caves

Entry fee to this caves is free. There is no fee you need to pay. Just reach here and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Opening and closing time of the place is 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM. That is whole day you have to explore the place.


Yes, parking is available here. Maximum time it is free. In the festival time you may need to pay. Both two and four wheeler parking is available.


from the above post, you now have some idea about this place and if you have any doubt do comment below. Later you will find about Udayagiri on ODIAFANZ.

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