Odia alphabet

Odia alphabet is the starting point to learn Odia. This odia language is spoken by 40 million people.

It is not only spoken in the state Odisha but also you can hear the language in other states like West Bengal, Jharkhand, and other parts of the country where odia people are staying.

But mainly this language is spoken in the state of Odisha. Learn “odia alphabet” and then you will ready to speak the language.

This language is closely related to the Bengali language. After your learning this language you can fill it yourself.

From this post, you will get the knowledge about all the “letters, matra, number” and then you need to learn all these.

After this there you have to learn Odia language using these alphabets.

Odia is the old language. It is made from Kalinga script. You can see there is a curved appearance and this was coming from palm leaves writing.

Like English alphabets, there are many alphabets in odia also. So need to remind all those for better understanding.

Odia alphabet – learn odia basic from below

Note: with the alphabets, there is mentioned the combining English letters of that letter for your easy learning. Just start now and learn it now.

Odia alphabet – letter, number, matra

oriya alphabet
Oriya alphabet

a  – ଅ

aa – ଆ

i –  ଇ

ii – ଈ

u  –  ଉ

uu – ଊ

ru – Ex ( ଋତୁ ) ଋ

e – ଏ

ai – ଐ

ka – କ

kha- ଖ

ga – ଗ

gha – ଘ

n – ଙ

cha – ଚ

cha – ଛ

ja – ଜ

jha – ଝ

n – ଞ

ta – ଟ

tha – ଠ

da – ଡ

dha – ଢ

na – ଣ

ta – ତ

tha – ଥ

da – ଦ

dha – ଧ

n – ନ

pa – ପ

pha – ଫ

ba – ବ

v  – ଭ

ma – ମ

j  – ଯ

ya – ୟ

r – ର

l – ଳ

la – ଲ

sa – ଶ

sa – ସ

sa – ଷ

ha – ହ

khy – କ୍ଷ


eka – 1 – ୧

dui – 2 – ୨

tini – 3 – ୩

chari – 4 – ୪

pancha – 5 – ୫

chha – 6 – ୬

sat – 7 – ୭

atha – 8 – ୮

naa – 9 – ୯

suna – 0 – o


From the above post hope that now you are clear about “Odia alphabet“. Learn from those alphabets the Odia language.

You are going to get a new post about the language and with the mix of these two posts, you will learn Odia easily.

If there is any error you will be let us know and we will rectify it. All these data collected from the best of our knowledge and some local help.

Hope from the post-it will help best to learn Odia. Keep visiting our other post. Some links are below.

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