odia calendar 2019

Odia calendar 2019 is the most required part for every person. As by a calendar a person is able to know about the festivals, holidays, fool moon, etc. So the calendar is must need for everyone.

A calendar needs a lot for them who are staying outside from their home. They need to update the festivals or upcoming holidays they have to enjoy with their family.

Kohinoor is the most trusted calendar and accurate with the right information provider still and will continue. So “Kohinoor odia calendar 2019” is the trusted brand for every person lives in Odisha and lives outside Odisha for odia people.

Here from us, there is a small help to you to get the calendar for Odisha for the year 2019 in the image and also in PDF format.

You can download this image and PDF file for your own use. You can download and save these files on your mobiles and on your pc or laptop.

Here is the download information for you. For the PDF files, you need to click on the link provides and click on that to save that.

For image download on your mobile need to long press on that image which you want to save and click share or download or save. Choose your choice on your mobile.

For pc or laptop, it is easier than mobile. Just right click on that image and save it. For PDF file click on that link and download it and save it.

If on downloading you are facing any issue on any file let us know by email or leave a comment below. We will fix that issue.

If there is any wrong information also let us know by email or comment. Do not hesitate to let us know.

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Odia calendar for 2019 in image and pdf format

Monthwise images

calendar 1
calendar 2
calendar 3
calendar 4
calendar 5
calendar 6
calendar 7
calendar 8
calendar 9
calendar 10
calendar 11
calendar 12

To download in PDF format click here.


From the above post now you are clear about “kohinoor odia calendar 2019” in both image and pdf format.

Anything need to change or add let us know by email or leaving a comment below of this post. We will love to do that.

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