Odisha transport motor vehicle department

Before you read many government schemes of Odisha. All about those and the benefits with uses step you read. Here you are going to know about “Odisha transport or Odisha motor vehicle department“.

This section also has been got online and you can get many benefits with easy steps. All you can get here about Odisha motor vehicle department and it’s online or digitalization.

First, let us know what is this Odisha motor vehicle department or “Odisha transport“. As from the name you can come to know that it is the department of government Odisha for transportation and vehicle department.

You may think here why need digitalization? The short answer is transparency. Like in other sectors for transparency and save you from frauds here in every sector digitalization is occurring.

Also, you are going to know in detail benefits from this post. How to use it? The required links for your work. The links you can get here direct no need to search again.

How to use those links and the working detail of separate links etc. Here those links you are going to get all are official links.

Only our motto is to make your work easier and if a new person needs some help easily he/she can do all of the works. Read fully this whole post and you can do your work in an easy way.

Odisha transport or motor vehicle department

Odisha transport – Services

DL or driving license

The very easy and all needy item is driving license. You can now apply for driving license online through the official website.

You need to visit this link direct access for online DL application. After visiting the above-mentioned link you can see a page like below. Here you need to choose your state name.

As our state is Odisha then choose that. The state you are choosing according to that you will be asking to show all of the documents.

odisha transport

Choose the state and then the next page will show like below. Here from the left choose apply online tab and from this select new learner or after learner choose a driving license.

odia image 2

The documents and the steps those you are going to face shows on the below image. Prepare all these documents before applying.

odia image 3

Above are the steps and demo images for application of driving license through the official website of the vehicle department of Odisha. Follow all the above-mentioned steps and you can apply easily with your own.

Learner’s license

Before an application for a driving license, you need to apply for Learner’s license. For that here you can easily apply it through the official website. Just follow the steps as mentioned above in step one. But at the time of application, you need to choose the new learner’s license.

This learner’s license option is there under the section apply online. The first one is for this. Below image shows the demo for this. After choosing the state of your own then at the time of apply choose this option as below.

odia image 4

Dealer point registration

Here you can directly register as a dealer of yours. If you are a new dealer or going to become for a dealer just register here without wasting your time by visiting again and again to the office.

Visit here for the official link for direct accessing official website by the state government. Here you can see there are many options for a dealer point.

According to your needy choose the right one. Below image is a demo for the landing page for this section.

odia image 5

From the above image, you can see there are many options for your requirements at the online services tab. From this tab choose one.

If you are facing any issue or need to clear a doubt then there is a contact page also. On this contact page, you can see there is physical addresses, mail id, and number. Choose one option for clearing your doubts.

Online tax payment

Here you can pay your vehicle tax or other related tax. No need to do any offline work. With some simple clicks, you can pay all of your transport tax. In the below image shows the online tax payment tab to choose. Also, you can visit here.

odia image 6

National permit and stage carriage permit Odisha

All of these above-mentioned permissions you can get from this official website. To get this information visit the official link and click under the online services tab.

You can find these two above mentioned services from here. Below image shows the example for this. Follow the demo and do your work with a simple click.

odiasha transport motor vehicle

Download questions for a learner’s license

As you read above that you can apply for learner’s license from here. But you may not know that for a learner’s license you need to answer some questions.

For preparing for those question you can download that from here or you can follow the section as showing on the below image. It is a pdf file so you can download it on your mobile for easy learning with your free time.

odia image 8

You can see the questions are in odia and English. According to your choice download it.

Get all RTO details for Odisha state

To get the official websites and details of a particular RTO for Odisha you can get it. Here is the direct link or you can get it from the official site.

Here you can find details of your district RTO with the fee and contact. If you are on the official page then follow below demo image to direct access for this RTO section.

odia image 9

Check RC detail of a vehicle

If you need to know RC detail or owner with an address by a vehicle registration number. Here you can get it easily. Simply visit this link and like below demo image a new page will open.

Here you need to put registration number of that vehicle and engine or chassis number. Put all these data and you can check the owner detail of that vehicle. Nee to put the vehicle number with the right format.

odiasha RC detail

Other services

Not only above mentioned facilities but also you can get many other facilities from here. All of the above are useful and most required facilities. On below demo image check these facilities on the official page of the Odisha transport department.

odiasha transport services

Advantages that you are getting by this online portal

  • Easy work with your finger touch.
  • No need to visit the office again and again.
  • Time and money-saving.
  • Pay an accurate rate.
  • Saves you from frauds.
  • Permissions can get from your home.
  • A simple learner’s license application by home.
  • Everyone can use this with an internet connection.
  • Get details of all RTO for every district without visiting that office.
  • No need to waste time for a simply DL application and learner’s license.
  • It is very useful who are doing a job outside of their native. No need to keep a longer holiday for some simple work.
  • In a word, it has many advantages with some fewer disadvantages.


From the above post, you are now clear about “Odisha transport” or Odisha motor vehicle department of its online services.

Just follow those steps and do your work with finger touch and save your time with money. Any doubt do comment below. Also, below are some other links for your need.

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