Odisha treasury e challan

odisha treasury challan or e challan odisha is taking all over as digitalization is increasing day by day. It is an online payment system for the state Orissa.

Here you are going to know all about “Odisha treasury challan” or “e challan Odisha”. Also, all the government work is turning to online.

Challan is a necessary part of many of the government work. Here is a small help from us to guide you about this “e challan and treasury challan for Odisha“. Step by step guide and the benefits of this with how to use it etc.

Before it was offline and now offline also working but trending for online challan or “e challan” is increasing and everyone is preferring this online platform.

You may have doubt that online may be fraud or sometimes you can face some technical issues but here you cannot. Below is the detail about you are going to know.

Odisha treasury challan – e-challan

What is treasury and why it is used for?

It is a department of government related to the finance department and collection of taxes. In some countries, a treasury is also called a ministry of finance.

The head of treasury for those countries known as finance minister. Name of some country for having this system in Belgium, Spain, Italy, New Zeland, Canada, etc.

As it is belonging to finance and tax department so the main work for this department is a collection of tax and other fees from us or people.

All these work has been working as offline and it has been converted to online. Still offline is there online.

Below you are going to know to more about its products and uses with official website view.

Odisha treasury challan guide for easy work

Step 1

If you need to visit the home page of the official website that is working here is the link. Here you can see in the below image the services that are offering by the government.

If you are visiting its site then all the services in detail you can see. The home page design looks like as showing in the below image.

odisha 1

Step 2

As you read before that the main work of this department is collections of fees and taxes. If you need to pay any tax or any fees then you need to visit e-challan section or e payment section from the homepage.

You can directly visit from here or as showing in the below image click on e-payment section or at the e-service section at the top you can get this option.

odisha 2

Step 3

After applying step 2 the next section you will see is the online challan submission view.

Here you can see vehicle tax, energy, others, etc. Below image shows the brief screen shoot about this section.

e challan odisha

In which section or department tax or fees need to pay, you need to choose that by simply clicking on that icon.

If you are getting confused in which department your fee is coming then click on the below help instruction icon and you can check the departments coming under the main sections.

Step 4

Let us an example if you have to pay vehicle tax then click on that icon and your new page will open. At the head of an account, you need to place the accounting department.

Here also you can see the lists of accounts coming under this department at the right-hand side. Choose from that list. In the below image, you can see the view of this.

challan odisha

Step 5

If you need to check e challan status then click at the section reprint challan at the left and then select online challan status and reprint. Then put your reference number or put bank transaction id. Below image is the demo of this.

e challan odisha

Step 6

If you need to Odisha treasury challan reprint then simply follow step 5. There put your reference number or bank transaction id for reprint.

Step 7

For easy and to know all about this challan there is a user manual. You can find it at the right top of the e challan page or click here to download that.

Step 8

For download treasury from click here to download. Here on this page, you can find all the forms that you may need or search for. According to your requirement choose.

Here on this form download page, you can get the toll free number if you need that.

Step 9

For pension, holders follow step1 and on the home page at the right side, there is a pension corner. Click on that icon to access. For applying revision of pension here also an option. By Aadhar number, the detail of pension person can be a revision.

Above 9 steps are the guide to access the official website of Odisha online treasury. All you need to be here. If anything left here or need any help do comment below.

What are the benefits of this online challan?

  • Time-saving.
  • As a time-saving then also saving of money.
  • No one can fool you.
  • You can save yourself from frauds.
  • No need to stand in a line with wasting time.
  • No paperwork.
  • Easy uses. Everyone can use this online platform.
  • You can use it at your home.
  • Can be used with mobile or Pc.
  • Accurate money you are giving to the government.
  • As accurate money you are giving so there is some money-saving that offline.
  • No need to take a break if you are an official worker.
  • Within some clicks, your whole work can be done.
  • For pension persons no need to visit the office again and again.
  • At any place any situation with an internet connection your work can be easily done.


From the above post now you are clear about the “e challan Odisha” online Odisha treasury.

Hope you can find it beneficial. Online is reliable and easy with time-consuming. Here you can find a demo with images. So that you can get confused at any cost.

All other section of the government also needs to be converted into online. If you have any suggestion do comment below. Find other helpful information by visiting below links.

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