Odisha nijukti khabar

Odisha nijukti khabar or nijukti khabar for Orissa is an online job portal to get new jobs. It can be IT, government, and private-sector jobs. Here you will get the lists to form where you can get the right information with the right data. All those trusted lists are listed below. About “nijukti khabar” all … Read more

Odia alphabet

odia alphabet

Odia alphabet is the starting point to learn Odia. This odia language is spoken by 40 million people. It is not only spoken in the state Odisha but also you can hear the language in other states like West Bengal, Jharkhand, and other parts of the country where odia people are staying. But mainly this … Read more

Chandipur beach

chandipur beach

Chandipur beach of Odisha state where you can see the sudden disappears of the seawater in front of your eyes and again after some time, you can see its original position. Hereafter reading this post, your travel journey to here will be much easier. The details about this place, in which area it comes in … Read more

Bhubaneswar to puri

bhubaneswar to puri

Bhubaneswar to Puri is a daily rush route. In these two places, there are a lot of people who travels every day. Here you are going to know the possible ways you can travel. About bus, train, taxi, and other ways hoe you can make your travel easier. The distance between these two places is … Read more

Daringbadi Odisha

daringbadi odisha

Daringbadi Odisha or Orissa is also famous Kashmir of Odisha. Its unique climate gives the name. About “daringbadi odisha” here you need to read fully this post if you have a plan or you are planning for a tour to here. Below post is covered with below topics It’s location It’s temperature Its weather and … Read more

Nalco company odisha

nalco company odisha

NALCO company or National Aluminium Company Limited is a Navratna company. It is owned by the department of the ministry. Here you are going to know about “NALCO” and some of its needy things. Below is the list. About Its full form Its Bhubaneswar office It’s products Its turn over Its Odisha plant location It’s … Read more

Odia photo comment

odia photo comment

Odia photo comment is those photos written in Odia language with a joke or funny message to share as a comment on social media or anywhere you want. The most of uses of these “photo comment” is on Facebook or to download to share with other social media platform. All these photos are made with … Read more

Mo bus

mo bus

Mo bus service Bhubaneswar Odisha is a bus service that is conducted by the state government. From its name, it is appearing that this service is a bus service. There is state transportation service in every by the state government. Here in the state Odisha also there is a one and is named by the … Read more

Odisha culture

odisha culture

Odisha culture is a unique and old culture. The state is situated in the eastern coast of India. It is surrounded by West Bengel, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. Here is some details culture of Orissa / Odisha culture by ODIAFANZ. Go through this post and you will get all about the state Odisha. Every … Read more

Website design company in bhubaneswar

website design company in bhubaneswar

website design company in Bhubaneswar or web design company in Bhubaneswar in the state Odisha. Here there are some lists of companies and freelancers those who provide web designing in budget price. There is much business are now growing and will grow in the coming future. Placing your business online is a new way to … Read more