Pakhala famous odia food

There are so many foods of variety according to the state of India. All state has a unique recipe. Here in the state Odisha, there are so many types of foods is here. Here you are going to know about the odia food “Pakhala”. It is the famous food of Odisha and also it is taking its popularity not only in India but also in the world.

Here you are going to know all about this food called Pakhala. The making and with this food what other to take for better making its taste. The perfect time to eat it. All these things about this you will know.

What is Pakhala or Bhata ?

It is a odia/Oriya food. It is the cooked rice and then washed with water or little fermented in water. The water park or the liquid part of this food called Torani. Here the term is an odia term.

This food is mostly famous in Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu. In the state Tamil Nadu it is a name called as Pazhaiya Sadam.

It is also called water rice. As it contains a mixture of water and rice.

Pakhala – Odia food

How to make it?

You can make it with two types. First one is normal Bhata and the second one is “dahi pahala” or curd Pakhala.

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To make normal one you need one cup of rice, Water to cook rice, cold water, lemon, curry leaves, and tadka items.

Cooked the rice and if there is some water is left then remove it. Let the rice to be cold. After fully cold pour it cold water. let that mixture to be fermented or if you want to eat it next then make tadka ( usually with mustard oil, cumin seeds, a pinch of turmeric ) with curry leaves. Add this tadka to the mixture and enjoy the meal.

If you want to make the real enjoyment of it then let the mixture to be fermented for a minimum of 6hrs.

For curd one all the process is the same and at the time of eating add curd to it. It will be more tasteful.

The best taste for this adding to it some mint, mango ginger, and lemon to it. If you are all these three then add a little amount for curd or “Dahi”.

The best time to eat it

In summer it will feel relax and deep sleep also. You can eat it as lunch and dinner in the summer. But it is eaten at lunch. For a deep sleep, you take it at dinner.

In others day or in cold days it may be feeling lazy if you are eating it.

Side items / side dishes

There are varieties for a side dish. The best one is the fried items. Curry items you can add but it will be more enjoyable for fried items.

An item like fried fish, fried potato, lady finger, saag or saga ( spinach, mustard leaf etc ), onion, green chili, salad, badi chura (made from black gram ), brinjal fry, cucumber, mixture, egg omelet etc.

All this food you can eat with this odia pakhala dish. If you want to add others according to your choice you can add.

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Pakhala divas / day

Yes, now there is a day to celebrate this food and making more famous and famous. In every year March 20 is the day that is celebrating as this day. It is a worldwide celebration day.

Bhata in English

You know rice. In Odia Bhata is rice. It is a Odia term.


After reading the above post about the odia food you now have some idea about this. If you want to know more about it then leave a comment below. For more info like this and others about Odisha then always visit ODIAFANZ.

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