Puri beach

Puri beach is the most famous beach in the state Odisha. It is situated at the district Puri of Orissa. This is the first destination for tourists who plans for a tour to Odisha.

Some basic idea you will get after reading this post about this beach. It will help you a lot for your next visit to Puri.

Puri sea beach is the largest beach in the country. It is bordering the Bay of Bengal. Filled with beauty of nature. It attracts many international tourists every year.

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Puri beach Odisha / Orissa

Basic overview

  • Location
  • How to reach
  • Best time to be here
  • Near places to visit
  • Timings
  • Hotels

Puri beach know more before you go 2020


From its name, anyone can get the beach location easily. It is situated at the district Puri and in the state Odisha or Orissa.

It is the border of Bay of Bengal. The most beautiful thing is that this at the temple of Lord Jagannath. Who comes to get blessings from Lord Jagannath then it is fixed that he/she will visit this beach.

If you are planning to visit Konark sun temple then you should visit the beach. 35 km far from the sun temple. It is common that who visits sun temple they have a plan to visit the beach.

From the capital of Odisha or smart city Bhubaneswar, the place is 70km. So plan accordingly if you are planning a visit here.

How to reach?

By road

By bus or own vehicle or cab is the way by which you can visit this place by road.

This option is for all who wants to reach from different places of Odisha. For other people or who are coming from far then from Bhubaneswar or their reaching point need to travel by road.

From Puri railway station need to take the road to reach here. Around 3km is the distance from the station.

A bus is always there to reach Puri. You can get a bus easily from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

By air

There is only one near the airport is Bhubaneswar airport. Need to reach here, from here take the road.

By rail

Puri is the nearest station and Bhubaneswar also is nearer. You can get a direct train to Puri and Bhubaneswar.

According to your need choose the station. Book before 2 months from your date of journey.

These are the ways to reach the place. Choose the one which suits you the best.

Best time to be here

To enjoy the real beauty of this place you have to visit early morning. Enjoy the sunrise.

The beauty of sand with a view of the Bay of Bengal will touch your mind and soul. Just you need to be present there at the right time.

Same for sunsets, at this time there a unique view always there. With the cold air from the sea feels you the best always.

bay of bengal puri

Near places to visit

There are many places near to beach you should visit once. Lord Jagannath temple is the first one then Gundicha temple.

There are so many temples you should visit. Vimala Temple, Markandeswara temple, Laxmi temple etc.

Many temples are there. Ask local people to get more and more lists. For that, a strong plan needs to be done at the time of the journey starts.


Anytime you can visit the beach. The best time to be here in the morning to enjoy the sun rise.

In the evening the place looks beautiful through nature’s beauty with the sunset.

Both in the morning and in the evening you should be here to enjoy the beastliness of the beach.


There are many hotels upto 5 star you can book. Online booking is the best way to book hotels. A 3 star hotel average cost is around Rs.2200. It may vary.

Small lodges are also there. Book those before your visit to Puri.


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