Rath yatra wishes

Rath yatra wishes are the wish that needs once in a year with love. As all over word know that Lord Jagannath is the creator of the whole world with the universe. This “Rath Yatra” festival is the festival of the creator or the owner of the whole universe.

Everyone want blessings from Lord Jagannath at this festival. So all try their best to rush into Puri at this time of the festival. As you know in a festival all send a wish or an SMS to his or her loved one to wish him or her for that festival.

So as this is the festival of Lord Jagannath, so everyone wants to send a wish as an image or SMS or in the form of a message. Here is a small help from ODIAFANZ.

Here are some images with messages for  “rath yatra wishes”. Here are collections of many images. All these images you can use as your festival wish for your friends, family, or anyone to whom you want.

You can find from these “rath yatra wishes” in different languages, like Odia or Oriya, English, and in Hindi. In which language you want this wish is here. Choose according to your choice.

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On your pc, it is easier than mobile. Just right click on that image which you have to share and save that image or direct copy from option and share it. Choose one from the options.

Rath yatra wishes with images in English, Odia/Oriya, Hindi

rath yatra 1
ratha yatra 2
ratha 3
rath 4
yatra 5
yatra 6
ratha wishes in hindi
odia 8

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