Tourist places to visit in Bhubaneswar

You may know that Bhubaneswar is the first smart city in India. It is the capital of Odisha and also known as the temple city of India. After knowing this it may appear a question that the places to visit in Bhubaneswar. Yes, it is right that there are so many tourist places in Bhubaneswar for couples, for a picnic, in one day, and also you will love to visit here at night. You may be wonder after knowing that here you can visit daily and will never bore.

Here in this city Bhubaneswar there are several places you can visit. In the city, there are so many places that you can visit. If you can travel more 30/40 km from the city then there are also so many places to visit. As you read before here and also may hear that here there are so many temples to visit and it is right for that the name falls temple city.

Here are the lists of tourist places to visit in Bhubaneswar


Here you are going to know the famous temples of Bhubaneswar to visit. The first one is the Iskcon Temple. It is beside the national highway. Here we are putting it at the first of our list because of the location of this place. By road when you are traveling to Bhubaneswar and when you just reach to the main bus stop then at the way you can see the flash of this place.

The second one is the Lingaraj temple. This place is around 5/6 km from the city. If you are thinking it is out of city no it is not that. By bus, you can easily reach this place. Like the name, it is the temple of Lord Shiva. A large no of devoted is visiting this place every year.

Lingaraj temple bubaneswar

The third one is the Ram Mandir or Lord Ram temple. This place is in the city. Just 3 km away from the highway. You can travel here by bus, auto, and taxi. Visit here and take the blessings of Lord Ram.

ram mandir bhubaneswar

Here are the other lists of temples for tourist to visit in Bhubaneswar. They are Chaunsath Yogini temple, Mukteswar temple, Rajarani temple, Brahmeswara temple, Ananta Vasudev temple, Mohini temple etc. These are all the temples that you can visit with your family, on a picnic and also it will be a good tour if you are planning to visit these places.


Here is also a museum to visit and get some knowledge. There are two famous museums are Odisha state museum and museum of tribal arts.

Zoological park

Here is a zoological park named as Nadankanan zoological park is the famous one all over India and also the world. Here you need to pay some amount as an entry fee and if you are planning to shoot some moments with your camera then for that you need to pay some more money at the time of entry fee.

The price is different if you are planning to shoot a video the price is more and if you have to shoot some pictures only with a big camera then the price is some less.

Hills and caves

Not only temples but also here there are so many hills and caves to visit. You may listen about Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves. It is the famous old caves to visit and the main part is that the place is in the city you can say. As it takes around 10 min to reach from the main bus stop. To visit this place you can take the auto and it is all the time available.

Another famous hill is Dhauli Giri hills. The place is slightly far from the place but not so far. Take an auto, taxi or bus to reach this place.

dhauli hill bhubaneswar


Yes, here there are so many parks you can visit in the evening time. All these are in the city just visit there enjoy with your family or loved one. The famous are Nicco park, Biju Patnaik Park, regional science center, forest park, Jaydev Vatika etc.


yes, there is also a dam to visit for. The name of the dam is Deras Dam. Visit also this place and enjoy nature.


Besides the above, there are also more other places like Pathani Samanta planetarium, Bindu Sagar lake, so many malls, etc. Here also a place named as Janata maidan and the main benefit of this place is here you can find all year activities in a year. That means here always there is an event going on. Just visit this place every evening an enjoy those events. Here is a five-star hotel named Mayfair hotel and it is also a famous hotel in India.

All these are the places that you can visit. But if you are coming to here and your plan is only for a tour then plan for Puri and Konark from here. These two places are not so long distance from here. It is just a 30 min bike ride or 1 hour of bus travel. Also to Puri trains are there.


From the above post, you are now clear the tourist places to visit in Bhubaneswar. Here there are lists of the famous places and with a good plan visit here. If you have any doubt then do comment below and always visit ODIAFANZ to read kinds of stuff about Odisha.

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